Welcome to think silver studio!

I am Jeanne and I am so excited that you have found us online!

As the founder and CEO of Think Silver, I am so excited to have launched the be.moved tribe/program and can't wait to share my passion for the mind and body with you!

Following soon will be an amazing program called success.studio which I have created in support of all studio owners and solo-instructors, to share deeper business (marketing, growth & systems), soft skills and personal growth & support.

be.moved - Because YOU matter!

Are you ready to be.moved?! If you find yourself here, you probably are! 

I created be.moved for every BODY! A lifestyle resource that offers you workouts for mind and body.

You will find great benefit from this program if you...

struggle to find the time to exercise.

feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

are experiencing autoimmune challenges.

are ready to deepen your awareness. 

I'm also passionate about helping YOU transform your relationship to your body and mind, in a way that allows you to feel free and empowered to be the version of yourself that makes you happy! I believe we  are not just going through life, but we are growing through life!

studio.success - Because YOU can make it a success!

Wanting to make your studio a success?! If you find yourself here, you probably are! 

For the new or wanting to be Studio owner: Proper planning can set you up for a smooth start. How do you set yourself apart from the rest. Hone in to your soft-skills, business skills and understand how to launch your business.  With weekly coaching sessions on Facebook and a supportive, like-minded instructors to tap into  you will always feel supported.   

For the seasoned Studio owner it's about expansion, reigniting your passion or perhaps its how to manage your time to prevent burnout.  Often we are in survival mode! I am passionate about suppoting you with classes on Soft skills, Communication, Business skills, weekly live group coaching session on Facebook and a community of likeminded support from all over the world! I have been where you are, I am so glad you have found this program to support YOU, as  you take your studio to new heights.

Besides my passion I bring to think silver...

... you will find me out in nature, with my loved ones and very often engrossed in books to expand and grow in my understanding of body and mind...feeding my fascination and passion of understanding true internal health.

3 things you probably don't know about me!

Because I believe so strongly in the importance of taking the journey towards ourselves...I would like to offer you...

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Understanding suppliments that help with stress,

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My gift to you! Because you are worth it! 

be.moved & be inspired! 

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