Online coaching with Jeanne van der Merwe

Being online is becoming part of our lives. In our fast paced lives any time saved is a gift…so what if we can save our travel time to see a coach? Yet beyond these benefits, I have experienced something that my online clients have valued above all. Coaching in the comfort of your home or your ‘safe’ space has an amazing impact on the session. For some clients meeting online felt less threatening in a way and they were more able to go into their vulnerability and evoke change in the ‘harder’ to face aspects of their lives.

Experience online is teaching us to tune in to people, we are learning what we require to build trust. For some of my international clients being coached by a coach that is far removed makes them feel more comfortable and feel freedom of open communication than having the potential of bumping into their coach socially, if they were to choose a coach in close proximity to them.
I appreciate it may not be for everyone, just as online shopping doesn’t suit us all. But what I would say to you, is if you are looking at finding a coach and are interested in online coaching, then take yourself out of your comfort zone and give it a go. What’s the worst that can happen?
As coaching success has so much to do with finding your ‘match’ in a coach, I always offer a free 30 min chemistry call, so you can gauge if we are a good client-coach match.
Let me be your business coach
After running businesses of my own for the last 12 years, I know what it means to start up, the sweat and often the lonely moments when it comes to making big decisions for your business. What if sharing your burden or challenge would halve your load - without resorting to a business partner – and rather tapping into your resourceful self.
Besides the value we get from coaching in  understanding ourselves and formulating strong foundations for your business through business coaching. I am extremely excited to share the success strategies that I have learnt. Being immersed in my journey as a business coach, I am following marketing strategies continuously especially whilst I was setting up my coaching business. I have gained so much insight on this journey, thanks to the amazing institute of TCI that I call my coaching family and mentorship. After selling my core business a year ago I have been able to reflect and draw so much from fusing the experience of running a business with my new knowledge gained in Marketing… into the exciting package of potential to help me empower you on your journey.
So you will not be coached textbook style, but rather with coaching that is based on experience.
And I coach with heart! I will be truly present with you on your journey. I have had moments when I have been visibly close to tears with the story my client is sharing. I have laughed. And I have celebrated success with clients. Surely, this is what its all about. Really being present enough to be able to really walk part of the journey with my client.
No one coaching journey is the same, and that is what I love about coaching. Each individual strives for a different result and I have a broad skillset ready to tap into - my toolbox to assist you to find your strength and potential wherever you are at right now!
There are three key components to a successful coaching relationship. They are:
An inquisitive and open mind
Determination and drive
The ability to trust and be vulnerable
In our coaching sessions I am totally focused on you and your needs. My expectations are high, I am not always easy and I will challenge and hold you accountable when necessary.
Working with a business coach and having success doesn’t happen by chance. You need to be selective when choosing your coach. There needs to be chemistry and you need to choose a coach who will help you find the momentum to propel you towards your goals.
As I believe in a win-win situation, I welcome a no-obligation and FREE 30 min chemistry call, so that you can gauge if we are a good coach-client match.
I look forward to hearing from you.


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