What is coaching and who would benefit?

Its all about chemistry – is virtual coaching for me?

As humans we have a primal need to feel worthy, needed, connected and understood. When it comes to virtual coaching the question is, can we still feel this connection if working on a virtual platform? Can the same results be obtained?

I believe, and have experienced it in my work with coaching clients and also in my own continued personal coaching! The most successful recipe in coaching is when we add the vital ingredient of CHEMISTRY to professional coaching. Chemistry is an alignment of values and ease when working together, often a foundation of trust that is felt instantly. Professional coaching is choosing a coach that has the expertise to move you forwards, knows how to help you tap into your potential and release any limiting beliefs that may stand in your way of being successful in your business, relationship or working through any challenge you may face in life (challenges may vary from work stress to parenting to fertility... and the list could go on endlessly) When these main components are part of the relationship, experiencing Chemistry virtually is no different than if experienced in person. 

Living in a virtual world, why not embrace all the beautiful benefits it brings with it.  

Some of the many benefits: working with a client virtually is a huge time saver, it is the green way to coach. No travel time needs to be considered, no traffic jams to sit in. As coach and client, we both have the freedom to be where ever we wish to be, which helps maintain consistency in or on your coaching journey…and consistency means momentum and momentum leads us more quickly towards our goal. You can enjoy your coaching whilst on holiday, sitting at the beach or even if you are in a remote area.

Freedom is a big word. Virtual coaching definitely highlights a huge benefit of the freedom to be coached no matter where we are in the world. Not only that, it allows us the freedom and possibility to choose our coaches from a worldwide pool of different coaches, with different strengths, specializations and expertise. We literally have a global pool of professionals to choose from. From a coaches perspective our competition has increased, yet competition is healthy and it keeps us at the top of our game – upholding standards and professionalism, with the constant drive and opportunity for us too to evolve in our work. This in turn has a positive impact on you as the client.

So there are many positives. Equipped with vigilance, allow yourself to be selective. Take your time interviewing your coaches, checking testimonials, qualifications, and memberships...and of course always trusting that 'gut feeling'.

I look forward to speaking with you as you embark on your journey to find your coach. I offer a no-obligation free 30 minute chemistry call.


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