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The success of your team starts with you.
Raise your game – Executive, Leadership & Management Coaching.

Executive coaching provides a uniquely challenging and yet supportive working partnership that benefits the individual and often the organisation in which they work. Ultimately it’s about improvement – through developing skills, confidence, focus and getting to know yourself on a much deeper level.

Leadership coaching - today leadership is about creating a space for innovators to thrive, for excellence to be the norm and for high performers to shine. The innovations are happening. Right now. In great companies that dare to think this way. It's your turn.

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What is Celebrity Coaching?

Celebrity or also called Immersion coaching.
Kick start your life like the celebrities do with a live-in or immersion Coach - for one week to maximum one month.

Immersion coaching is especially powerful during a time of change, new business start-up, stress management, big life change or loss, or during your holiday in which you or your entire family would like to 'reboot'.

As a coach, I come to your location for that time-period (i.e. if your location is within my driving distance parameter of 45 min). For locations further away we will make other arrangements.

Daily sessions will hone in on your needs, and immerse you in the process. Focusing on breath, body work/alignment, behaviour and neurology I create a package that will suit you best.

Nature Coaching

Walking and coaching in Nature...
Walking symbolizes movement and is propelling us forward. Often when we get stuck on our journey be it in our coaching or in our everyday, getting up to walk or move enables us to not only relieve stress but also move to better processing of the challenge at hand.

Walking in nature heightens this experience by another notch, as nature is nurturing in itself. Changing our environment can have a profound effect on our creativity and ability to come up with different thinking.

Coaching in Nature sessions are usually in form of immersion sessions of a couple of hours and can be arranged with me. Book it in the same way as you would your chemistry call/session.
Why do I work predominantly (not exclusively) with men?

We live in a competitive world. Men, in particular, still operate in a society where the pressure can be immense. Regardless of culture and society, the world often expects men to always be powerful, successful and strong. And as a result, they feel they need to be this individual that can and must hold it together all the time.

This can be a lonely space and especially in times when you don’t have all the answers. Often you do not want to offload on our loved ones. Sometimes we need that safe space where there is no judgment – a space where we can gain perspective, offload, reboot and reconnect to our inner strength again. And that’s where I come in.

I build rapport with men easily, which stems from genuinely understanding the demands placed on them.

Don’t be too busy being busy.

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Let's see if we match and understand how coaching can assist you.

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