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Passionate about my work, my coaching experience is marked by diversity. I am selective as to who I work with, and dedicate my focus on a handful of clients. My clients are motivated and committed towards taking their lives, businesses or companies to the next level. Focus and commitment is a beautiful recipe for success.
I am able to work with a wide spectrum of life challenges. Nothing is too big, too small, too frightening or too easy… if it’s important to you, that is all that counts! After all, I work with your entirety (the whole you), integrating all aspects of you.

Why do I work predominantly (not exclusively) with men?

We live in a competitive world. Men, in particular, still operate in a society where the pressure can be immense. Where vulnerability is seen as taboo rather than a strength. Regardless of culture and society, the world often expects men to be powerful, successful and strong. And as a result, they feel they need to be this individual that can and must hold it together all the time. 

So why would you choose online coaching?

It saves time

With no travel required, you can limit the time spent in traffic, which means you can spend more time on the things you really want to.


You can enjoy your sessions from the comfort of your own home or office or wherever else you choose to be.


We can maximize your coaching momentum, when you travel or when your schedule changes you can manipulate your sessions to fit in.

Accessibility & Review

Should you wish to do so, you can have the option of receiving a recording of your session to refer back to whenever you want.

Keeping it Green

Online coaching is the ultimate green coaching, as you are not using any transport to get to your session.

Another One Here

To balance the items :) Online coaching is the ultimate green coaching, as you are not using any transport to get to your session.

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