Enjoy our instant online payment option when you book your classes. (To review prices scroll down). Please take note of the following: Your Unlimited bundles and your packs can be purchased at any time, your 1 or 2x weekly option starts at the beginning of each calendar Month. 


Monthly unlimited classes – ANYTIME CLASSES: attend as your schedule allows. August sign ups receive the amazing gift of 3 Floats with float zero.

Monthly unlimited

950 per month
*valid 1 month

Student & Senior Monthly unlimited

750 per month
*valid 1 month

Weekly classes – YOUR ROUTINE is your success

1 class per week

490 per month
*runs on calender month (billed upfront)

2 classes per week

890 per month
*runs on calender month (billed upfront)

Class passes

Single Class

140 per class

5 Class Pass

*valid 6 months

10 Class Pass

*valid 6 months

Private Sessions

Single Private session

450 per session

Monthly Private session

350 per session
*calender month upfront billing

Monthly Semi Private session

220 per person (per session)
*calender month upfront billing

Understanding our different classes:

- If you are new to Pilates, this class will teach you all you need to understand the depth of the Pilates method and principles, and how to apply these whilst moving. If you cannot attend this beginner class series we recommend you come in and try out our Mixed ability class, and we chat after that session. Alternatively and most effective for your progress is to substitute your Beginners series with 3 Private sessions to solidify your foundation. 

Pilates - this mixed ability Pilates class welcomes all Levels that have had some Pilates experience or a good body awareness "Foundation". As the class is small, I am able to offer each level/body variations when necessary. 

HIT Pilates - A flowing class that may remind you of a Vinyasa flowing class, where we transition swiftly from one Pilates exercise to the next. You will utilize equipment to challenge you during this flow and integrated exercises that will allow your heart rate to rise. Creating a space to push your physical boundaries safely. Speak to Jeanne about this class and your readiness for it (especially if you have any injuries). 

Nia - A cardiovascular movement class, that fuses Martial arts, Dance arts and Healing arts. A class that can be attended by any Body - it caters for every level of fitness through different options given to reach different levels of intensity. A fun heartful session conducted to beautiful music, which unleashes creativity, connects you to your playful side and reminds you to tap into JOY.