Finally…a program for the mindful mover.

Pilates & Mindset workouts that have you wanting more! 

Tired of stopping and starting exercise routines and/or mindful meditation routines?

Imagine a program that marries mind and body workouts that keep you motivated and plugged into your entire being?! Accessible to you anytime and anywhere?! A beautiful lifestyle resource that adapts to your schedule and supports all other activities you do along side it (injury prevention for the sportsman/woman, to deepen your awareness for other mindful movement classes.) 


Introducing Think silver studio's

be.moved movement & membership…

Pilates and Mind workouts for every mindful bodies. 



Imagine a life of less stress, more potential, stronger body & mind, and deeper relationships with self and others?

Are you ready to...

feel more balanced, experience more vitality, flexibility and strength in mind and body... AND expand, harness the power of being the version of yourself that makes you feel complete, connected, flexible, adaptable, loved and successful in your own right.

If you are IS possible!

"The more we plug into our body and understand our mind... the more we start to see the unlimited potential that lies within us."



Build strength, flexibility of mind and body,  experience less stress and more awareness of self and others. Simultaneously feeling supported by an amazing tribe/community and a flexible realistic plan you’ll love doing wherever you are.

LOGIN From desktop, mobile or tablet…access your be.moved email and Facebook group anytime, anywhere.
PRESS PLAY Follow your daily plan or access the library to choose your own workouts to suit your mood. It’s totally flexible …you’ll never get bored.
BUILD STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY End your workouts feeling strong, tall and connected – with boundless energy and resilience to take on your day. FEEL CALM, CONNECTED & GROUNDED after your guided Meditation or Breathing. ENJOY FEELING ALL OF THE ABOVE.


Be.moved is designed to help you improve your relationship to your body, your perception and understanding of your subtle inner stress and how to regulate it. Leaving you feeling nourished, relaxed and ready for so much more...

Choose from 15 -45 minute sessions for your entire being.

With a step by step easy to use program.  Receive your daily action suggestion that takes the time out of having to make a choice, and an on demand library that quenches your thirst for when you want MORE.

And the best part? You will have a tribe of like-minded people supporting you, a space to connect and to share. Our tribe is dedicated to taking a mindful and balanced approach to the body, mind & health. We want to feel good in mind and body, take care of ourselves and live the version of ourselves that makes us innately happy with this life. 


You need a plan that works for you!

A plan that takes the thinking out of it, is flexible and helps you nourish mind and body! This lifestyle resource and tool will help you...

Stay consistent, connected & grounded
Build strength and improve flexibility in body and mind
Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm
Boost your confidence, general wellness and overall happiness levels.

Flexible Pilates & Nia Workouts that you can taylor to your needs whenever and wherever you are.

Imagine how good it would feel to have an easy to follow program that you can tap into anytime in your day, that you enjoy doing and leaves you feeling nourished in body and mind.

You’ll build strength in body and mind, improve your posture, reduce stress, boost your energy and immunity…a lifestyle program that is easy to stick to and infiltrates all other aspects of your day and life with greater zest, more motivation and brings you into the NOW!

The be.moved tribe is designed with YOU in mind. 

Each day is a new beginning and a new opportunity to be moved, be present and to set a new tone for your day.

If you have had trouble sticking to programs in the past, you are in the right place. You will love the flexibility of the be.moved program and it will naturally have you coming back for more.

Every month, members of be.moved receive:

Daily action plan
It only takes one step to log in and you are there! All you need awaits you to connect to your body and mind. Do what you can, and come back for more as your day allows.
Monthly overview of your program
Your monthly map and overview. No need to wonder where to start and what to do. A beautiful way to enter your month, knowing you have a mindful action plan, inspiring you daily.
Access the WHY! Be inspired!
As beautiful as it is to tap into a program that takes the "thinking" out of it for us... there is magic in knowing the WHY of what you are doing! Tap into your inspiration.
Monthly Intention setting
The power of Intention. Each month we set intentions on ONE area of focus that will infuse all that you do. Providing you with practical and actionable resources (pdfs & videos). Enjoy!
On demand Library
Wanting more...beyond your daily dose? The library awaits you. You will find 'more' no matter what level of fitness or awareness you are at.
The tribe, that gets your vibe! Community is immunity!
We are social beings. Connect with like-minded people all over the world that value growth, positivity, and inclusivity. The perfect place to get the support you need and make friends along the way.

be.moved is more than just an exercise program! Its a journey towards yourself.

When we build strength, flexibility, and understanding of self …we are able to live a more resilient life in mind and body!

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Hi, I'm Jeanne.

I am a Pilates, Nia instructor and Mindset coach that is passionate about inspiring YOU (the CEO, Entrepreneur, Parent, Grandparent, Student...)! I believe the journey towards ourselves is one of the most important journeys we can take. Especially if you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, fatigue, find yourself caught up in self-doubt or are suffering from any autoimmune disease or experiencing depressive moods it is often your BODY reminding you to come home to YOU...

The awareness of mind and body is the key, waiting to unlock so much more  - vitality, balance and joy! The health of our mind and body ripples out into our life, work and relationships.  

be.moved was birthed out of my own experience, realizing  stress, imbalance and loss of vitality happens easily and to so many of us! Mostly when we are needing to be on top of our game. 

I believe its the little things we do consistently that bring about the change.  Excited to bring you the HOW (the program) and inspire you by bringing you the WHY. Because it is in the knowing that we find conviction and  conviction ignites inspiration...and we all know that inspired motivation is self generating! 

I am so glad you are here and I can't wait to start working with you! 

Love Jeanne : )

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us" Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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