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It's more than movement... 



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 Nestled in the heart of Somerset West in the beautiful building of Mayfair Wellness.

3 Bright Street, Somerset West. 

083 775 27 03 / info@thinksilver.co.za 

As the world is changing we enter 
a new Paradigm of movement & being!
If you are feeling fear, overwhelm or anxiety due to lockdown mindful movement is essential!
Join us as we keep moving and connecting to our bodies and to others ONLINE.
Through movement we create space and agility in our bodies - this translates to freedom and space in our mind to manage stress, override fatigue and unleashes your creativity and innovation.  
"We are as old as our spine is flexible." says Joseph Pilates. Group classes, Private & Semi Private sessions. Contact Jeanne to make your booking 083 775 27 03 / info@thinksilver.co.za.
"A cardio fitness with SOUL." Group classes, Private & Semi Private sessions. Contact Jeanne to make your booking 083 775 27 03 / info@thinksilver.co.za.
Breathing Fitness
"Oxygenate your body whilst building strength and inner calm. Relieve stress, promote weightloss, strengthen your core...and so much more" Group classes, Private & Semi Private sessions. Contact Jeanne to make your booking 083 775 27 03 / info@thinksilver.co.za.


Believing that your mind and body are separate is outdated! At Think Silver studio you will experience the beautifully interwoven experience of mind and body - enter the new Paradigm! 

Our immune systems require us to move and build resilience in different ways. 

Our approach to life, health, body and mind will experience a different, deeper and more open & appreciative "upgrade"!

Scroll down to book your classes and for Guidelines/steps & the "How to". 



IMAGINE your exercise regime inviting you to harness the power of being the best version of yourself that makes you feel complete, connected, flexible, adaptable, loved and successful in your own right.

If you are wondering...it IS possible!

UPGRADE. We upgrade our devices & knowledge in so many different areas...why are we not uprading our understanding of mind and body in movement and how this relates to our experience of life and wellbeing?

"The more we plug into our body and understand our mind... the more we start to see the unlimited potential that lies within us."



Attending classes at Think Silver studio will leave you feeling invigorated, help you successfully build your strength, flexibility, agility and balance...

...WHILST harnessing inner resilience, calm and grounding.

It is what we need in this time of uncertainty, isn't it?! To truely, joyfully and authentically  EMBODY  life!

Stay connected, plug in! Together is better!!!





End your workouts feeling strong, tall and connected – feeling aligned and energized as you to take on your day!


Leave your sessions energized and invigorated!


Building strength and connection to mind and body helps us manage stress and emotions, which has you leaving class with a renewed inner resilience.


Injury prevention is always better than cure! A healthy muscle balance prevents tension, spasms and unnecessary injury or stiffness experienced by the body.


Create a balance in your life that keeps your cup full, keeps you shining your inner light and embracing life.

The awareness of mind and body is the key, waiting to unlock so much more  - vitality, balance and joy! The health of our mind and body ripples out into our life, work, innovation/creativity and relationships.


Hi, I'm Jeanne.

I am a Pilates, Nia & Breathing fitness instructor. Along with my passion of working with the body I am qualified as a Mindset, Business & Relational coach that is passionate about inspiring YOU (the CEO, Entrepreneur, Parent, Grandparent, Student...)!

Think Silver studio was birthed from many years of experience and having worked with 100s of beautiful bodies & souls. And of course - as many soulful ideas - was birthed out of my own experience, realizing  the impact of stress on the mind and body. The imbalance and loss of vitality, creativity and resilience that easily happens to so many of us when we face challenging times! 

I believe its the little things we do consistently that bring about change!  Excited to bring you the HOW and inspire you by bringing you the WHY (through weekly classes as well as in the workshops I will be offering). Because it is in the knowing that we find action steps, through action we start to believe or find conviction and  conviction ignites inspiration...and we all know that inspiration is self generating! 

I am so glad you are here and I can't wait to meet you! And also for you to meet the amazing Think Silver studio tribe.

Love Jeanne : )

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us" Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ready to book your ONLINE class?


Welcome to this interactive online experience with me Jeanne van der Merwe @ Think Silver studio. I look forward to having you in class, connecting with you and please know that I am available for your questions. You are welcome to contact me via email info@thinksilver.co.za or on whatsapp +27 83 775 27 03.  

Group classes will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Private one-on-one sessions as well as Insight coaching sessions will take place on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  To book for your Coaching sessions you can contact me or book on www.calendly.com/thinksilver.

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